Victorious Families

Victorious Families

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The Salvation of Your Family

Noah and his family lived in a time of moral depravity, so great that the Bible says the Lord saw wickedness and thoughts that were always for evil. However, the Lord showed his goodwill to Noah. In fact, the story is not just about Noah, but about his entire family. In the midst of the flood, God spared the lives of eight people, a whole family. Noah did not win alone.

Amongst all the wickedness, God found benevolence in Noah. Why? Because He found a family that would serve Him in Noah's house. He saw a family shaped by godly standards and not by the society in which they lived. A family that serves the Lord is different, and even with all the ugliness of the world, God still saves them. A family that belongs to God does not stay in the storm, but has shelter inside the ark.

The world today can be compared to the society of Noah's era. We live in a time of moral decay and many social, political, and spiritual issues. That is reason why we need to take care of our homes: so there is salvation in it. We need to attain God's attention, just as Noah's family, so we can receive the information on how to build and find protection inside the ark.

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Victorious Families

One of our top priorities should be taking care of our home. If the world tries to break up our family, we must fight to restore it by asking God for direction. How then, in times of destruction, can we restore our famil...

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