Seeking Serenity by Trevor Hudson

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Listening to God in Scripture

God speaks to us through creation, our own experiences, the people around us, sermons and books, music and art, through the “still, small voice” and in many other ways. There is a marvelous creativity about the way God communicates with us. However, I want to suggest that the best way to listen to God is through Scripture. 

We learn this from Jesus Himself. Repeatedly, His Abba Father spoke to Him through the Old Testament, especially in times of crisis and challenge. Similarly, we can be sure that when we turn to the words of Scripture with trust and expectancy, our heavenly Parent will speak to us too.

The practical question is: How do we go about listening to God in Scripture? One helpful way is to stay with a biblical passage over several days. For example, you could start by going to one of your most loved passages, perhaps Psalm 23, or the Lord’s Prayer, or 1 Corinthians 13, or one of your favorite Bible stories. 

When we read the Bible, and then return to the same passage, always asking, “Lord, speak to me through these words,” something profound happens. As we take seriously what we believe the Lord is saying to us, and start putting it into practice, we grow in our experience of the wisdom from above. As the psalmist tells us, God’s Word becomes a lamp for our feet and a light to our path.

Seeking Serenity

Take some time today to read your favorite Bible passage. As you read, ask the Lord to speak to you and listen carefully for the Divine Whisper.