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5 Days to Slay Your DragonSample

5 Days to Slay Your Dragon

DAY 1 OF 5

What’s Your Dragon?

Everyone battles a dragon at some point in their life. Sometimes the demonic spirit produces great evils that take millions of lives. Racism, false religion, persecution, corruption, and terrorism are a few of the dragons my generation is currently battling.

In reality most of the dragons we face are not the type that exist outside of us. Most of the dragons that threaten us are ones we have incubated, nurtured, and raised in our own hearts. Lust, pride, greed, selfishness in all its forms, hatred, the abandonment of responsibility, lack of self-discipline—these are the kind of dragons that usually destroy us. It is these “small” internal dragons that become the huge external ones mentioned earlier.

The small battles we face are part of a much bigger war. Understanding where we fit in God’s strategy will help us to take our individual assignments more seriously. Also, understanding what our enemy is trying to accomplish will help us recognize his devices and resist him with wisdom. My prayer is that through this devotional you will be equipped to slay every dragon you encounter—not only in the world but also in your life.

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About this Plan

5 Days to Slay Your Dragon

You can pretend it’s not there. You can call it weird. But the supernatural realm is very real. Daniel Kolenda shows you how to slay the demonic dragon behind your every struggles.

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