Available: Breaking Through “Busy” to Connect with God

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Wake up. Get ready. Go to work. Stay busy. Run errands. Squeeze in some exercise. Head home. Reply to those texts. Try to relax. Go to bed. Repeat. 

And repeat. And repeat. And we never stop.

Sound familiar? We’ve all had that moment when we wonder something along these lines: “What exactly did I accomplish today?” We’re so busy meeting demands and expectations we never stop to question if we’re spending our time where we need to or if we’re available to God.

God wants to connect with us; He wants to talk with us, encourage us, and guide us. But when we’re living our days on autopilot, trying to keep up until the next thing comes along, this is what we’re saying to God: “Sorry. I’m not available.” 

When we’re not available — when we don’t take time to stop — we miss out on what God wants to say and do. Mary knew this. She sat at Jesus’ feet just to listen to Him while Martha stayed busy working around the house.

There’s power in stopping — in literally being quiet for a moment and listening for God. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes before you step out of the car to go into work, or sitting in silence with your coffee before you turn on the TV in the morning.

Take a moment today to try it. Even if it’s only for a couple of minutes, just stop, sit still, and be present. Tell God you’re going to focus on Him and listen — and then follow through. God is always speaking; we need to develop the discipline to hear Him, and we can start by making ourselves available to Him.