Learning From the Old Testament Greats: Abraham – The Father of Faith


Day 1: Calling of Abraham  

Thoughts on the Passage

We will start with Abraham.

Abraham is known at first as Abram before God changes his name. He is an expat. He moved from his home country to live in a foreign land. He goes because God has a destiny for him that requires this move before it can be fulfilled. This move is actually one of several along the way. He moved from Ur (southern Iraq today) to Haran (northern Syria today) with his brother and father. Then he moves with his nephew Lot to Canaan, the land God promised to him. There is a separation that he has to endure. He leaves his ancestors' homeland. He leaves his father and family. He goes to live in tents as a wanderer. It is a tough life. Some of you understand this better than most of us. 

Abraham does something when he goes to a new place. He sets up altars for God. These are places where he calls upon God, and where God comes to meet with him. That is an important concept that we need to dig into just a bit. Abraham (now Abram) carries his faith everywhere he goes and never lets it drop. He also uses these altars as a place where spiritual roots are set. It is a place where heaven comes to earth in this new land. It is a place where God’s presence, His power, and His grace can be revealed to this land. It is a spiritual invasion in a place where other gods have a stronghold. It is a place of destiny.

Other people have come and built nations on the land God had given to Abraham. Satan does that. He camps on our inheritance. Satan does not give it up easily. It is a promise from God though. So we need to recognize that spiritual battles need to take place before our spiritual inheritance can be received. 

God gives the great destiny promise to Abraham (Genesis 12:2-3). It is not just a promise for him, but it is a prophetic promise for the whole world. God has One coming who will bless the nations – Jesus. It is part of Abraham’s destiny.

Application to our Lives

God has a destiny for us. Are we in the place where God has our destiny? Are we setting up places of spiritual roots that will start to release our spiritual destiny? Are we waiting until others come to help or are we moving with God where He has put us?

Time to Pray

Father, I am reminded again of how Abraham just had to go where his family were not willing to follow. It was a personal destiny journey that was a lonely one at times. It is the same today for me and many others. It is a place where we wish for others to join, but it just does not happen. Also, it is a destiny location that is occupied illegally. Satan has camped on our inheritance! He knows good land just like You do. So today we choose to build altars to You wherever You place us. We choose to start by bringing Your presence to our spiritual battles. We do not do it in our own strength and our own planning. We go, we bring Your presence, we wait on You, and we move in Your timing and will. And we ask that You lead us. In Jesus name, Amen.