Finding Purpose, Hope and Joy Through Jesus’ Birth


Day 1 – Purpose Comes from God

In what season of life do you find yourself? Maybe you’re a teen looking forward to Christmas break from school. You may be at the other end of life’s journey, enjoying your retirement and preparing for this year’s family Christmas gathering. No matter what season of life you’re in, God’s purpose for you remains the same—to glorify Him.

You may be going through a season where your life seems meaningless or lacks in purpose. It may seem like your main responsibility is to shuffle kids from one event to another. If so, your world can understandably seem small.

Or maybe your season seems too big—too overwhelming. Maybe the decisions of life are all-consuming and the responsibilities weigh heavy on your shoulders.

As we enter this advent season, we’ll study the people God used to fulfill His ultimate redemption story. Some held positions of power and responsibility, but many of the men and women God chose to use were normal, ordinary folks who were simply obedient to Him. 

Do you wonder if God has a tangible purpose for you in your current season of life? Do you feel out-of-date, used, worn out? Do you feel too young? Too old?

The Bible tells us we can glorify God in every season. His purpose for us remains consistent! Advent is a great time to remember how God uses those people the world sees as insignificant to bring His greatest gift into the world.

As you read about the amazing people God chose to use, put yourself in their shoes. What reaction would you have had to His call? What doubts may have crept in? How would you respond?