The Voices and the Choices

The Voices and the Choices

DAY 1 OF 5

1) Day #1: Identifying the battlefield

Do you know that there is a real daily battlefield going on in your life? It is a battlefield of good versus evil. Some days it is totally obvious but other days it is subtle or not even noticeable. The Word says that we are in a battle. It may not be one that we can see, but none-the-less, it is real. The Bible also tells us how to arm ourselves to win the battle.

There are many fronts to the battlefield. Most of us engage in emotional battles especially dealing with love, pain or disappointment. Then there are the intellectual battles of the mind.  Also consider the physical battles of what to eat, how to eat and how to stay healthy in such an unhealthy world. Clearly the most significant is the spiritual battlefield. Ultimately this is an eternal life or death battle. Christians find their security in Christ; however, there is a real, day-to-day battle of flesh versus spirit which affects our peace of mind.

Half the battle is the awareness OF THE battle. This is not a “one and done” fight. It is an ongoing daily fight. We don’t get to “get it and set it”. It is imperative that we become aware of the impact of the daily voices and the daily choices!

You are in a battle but you are not alone–for all of God’s people fight this same fight. Make up your mind not to give up! Set your mind on things above and keep it set! 

Question to Ponder: 

How are you aware of this daily battlefield of voices and choices?


Oh Lord, I want to hear Your voice above all of the noise. Help me make a quiet choice to do so.

Final Note: Roxanne's passion is to speak life-giving truths into the hearts of others. She loves to speak at retreats and conventions. She hosts her own DEEPER Intensive and RISE UP coaching workshops and works with clients nationwide as a personal life coach. You can buy her new book and get more information at 

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The Voices and the Choices

Everyday we face the battlefield of all the VOICES we hear and all the CHOICES we make. This battlefield is real and often confusing. Join this 3 part plan with Roxanne Parks as she defines the battlefield and clarifies ...

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