Money Scriptures Every Christian Should Know

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This verse is so often misquoted that it is almost laughable. Many of us have it ingrained in us that “Money IS the root of all evil.” But as we examine 1 Timothy 6:10, we learn, “…the LOVE OF MONEY is a root of all kinds of evil.”

Money is not evil. The love of it is. Having a million dollars in your bank account doesn’t mean you love it. Having $5 in your account doesn’t prove you don’t.

So how can we tell if we love money? We can start by asking ourselves these questions:

  • Does my pursuit of money interfere with obeying God?

  • Do I always look for something that will benefit me financially, regardless of how it affects others?

  • When it comes to helping others, am I more concerned with what my cost will be, instead of allowing myself to be moved by compassion?

We must check our motives because Paul is telling us that the wrong attitude toward wealth is, in the end, destructive.

Notice the vivid language he uses: “…through this craving some have pierced themselves with many pangs and have wandered from the faith.

This is a bold statement that essentially says the craving or desire for more and more money can and will lead to ultimate destruction.

Money is amoral, neither good nor bad. How we handle our money is the challenge.

Let’s allow God to use it to guide us, challenge us, and improve us. If we allow Him, He will use this area of life to work in us, making us more like Him every day.

Take a moment to offer yourself to God with this prayer:

God, I surrender my feelings about money to You. Use it to teach me to trust you, to become more trustworthy, and to meet the needs of others. Shape my desires. Help me to use whatever wealth I have according to Your will for Your glory.

In Jesus’ Name,