Living Wholeheartedly For God

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You and I are living in the most intense time in human history. Can you feel it? The pressure seems to be greater every day. But none of it surprises God. We are alive right now for such a time as this. He believes in us – we are the ones He plans to bless and to use. He wants us to walk in the greatest anointing the world has ever seen! 

To do that, we need to be consecrated to Him like never before. That means separating ourselves from sin and seeking a deeper union with Him. How do we do that? By setting aside time to focus on Him, and to seek Him with all our hearts. Consecration is a voluntary act of committing yourself to worship, prayer, and service to God. The word “consecrated” literally means: “to unite by force with the sacred.” 

God has seen these days coming for a long time. He has a plan! His plan includes you, and anyone who is willing to consecrate their lives to Him. He is searching the world over for those who will totally turn their lives over to Him, who will give their 100%, as He has given to us. 

Our wholehearted God set the tone by being wholeheartedly committed and in love with each of us. You are safe in committing your whole life to Him. He promises you in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

There is an overflow when you choose a consecrated life. You can’t hide it. The people around you can see it, and many of them are drawn to it. The more you consecrate yourself to Him and his will, the more it will become second nature to you. Obeying His voice at every turn will become a joy to you, and will deeply impact the lives of others. 

This is consecration. This is what revival is all about - a personal dedication to Jesus, a commitment you choose, lived out by grace, and power of God.