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Invited To The Stable: A 6-Day Family Advent DevotionalSample

Invited To The Stable: A 6-Day Family Advent Devotional

DAY 1 OF 6

When we look at Jesus, we see that God loves us so much he stepped into our world to save us. Jesus is God. That means that he has been around since before the world was created.

In the beginning, there was only God. Then God created the heavens and the earth and everything that fills them. With just a word, he built up mountains and carved out seas. He placed the sun, the moon, and each star in the heavens. At his command, fish filled the seas, birds flew into the air, and animals sprang up to roam the earth.

When God first created the world, everything was good and beautiful. But then Adam and Eve, the first people God created, disobeyed God. They sinned against God. And since Adam and Eve, everyone has sinned against God. Our sin separates us from God. God promised that one of Eve’s descendants would put an end to sin and death. God sent his Son, Jesus, to live as Adam didn’t—perfectly sinless.

That’s why we celebrate Christmas. Every Christmas, we remember how Jesus came into the world to rescue people from sin and bring them back to God.


  • There’s a line that is repeated a lot in this chapter—can you finish it? “And God saw that …” 

  • What are some of your favorite things that God created?

  • Do you have any questions about what it means that Jesus is God?

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Invited To The Stable: A 6-Day Family Advent Devotional

Does your family have a nativity set? Nativities can be more than toys or decorations—they can teach our children about the people God invited to join heaven in celebrating Jesus' birth. Join us for this six-day Advent p...


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