Honey Money from Heaven

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 "I Love God’s Honey more than Money."


When God created the earth he gave bees the exclusive contract for honey. They alone are licensed to make it and take it to the world. No birds, buffaloes, or bugs. Just bees. Not even modern-day scientists have successfully formulated anything even close to the life-giving properties of honey.

Nutritionists agree that God has uniquely handcrafted honey as one of nature’s purest and most complete foods. It contains some of every nutrient required to maintain good health. That’s why a rugged outdoorsman like John the Baptist was amply nourished by grasshoppers ’n honey.

In the same way, the Bible is pure, godly food containing every spiritual vitamin and nutrient you need in this life concerning your walk with God. In Psalm 19, David made a Big List of good things that come from the nectar of God’s Word: protection, joy, truth, guidance, wisdom, light, and insight.

Then he said two amazing things: God’s Word is way better than tons of money, and it’s so satisfyingly sweet to the soul and spirit that it tastes even better than runny honey—dripping from the comb. 

You might not believe that right now, but one day you will. 

As you choose to follow God, day after day, you’ll find that His Honey (the Bible) is the sweetest thing in life. You’ll want to taste it more and more. And it will become a greater help than any amount of money. 


Click-er: Honey

Whenever you see, taste, or think about honey, let your heart taste the sweetness of this HoneyWord as it clicks and sticks.