My Child’s Different: Support for the Ups & Downs

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A New Journey

Being a parent to a child with a disability, special needs, or who’s just different is not an “easy” calling. Maybe it isn’t a calling you expected to get. 

Fear, anxiety, anger, doubt, joy, hope, peace, excitement, love—you can feel all of those things from moment to moment, day to day, or week to week. This Bible Plan might have caught you at the earliest beginning or smack in the middle of your parenting journey. Maybe it’s caught you in a hopeful and encouraging season. Or maybe it’s caught you in what feels like he biggest battle of your family’s life. 

Let this Bible Plan speak to you, whatever stage you may be in. Let God meet you where you are and take a bit of the weight off of you. You can start a new version of your journey today. A journey together with your heavenly Father, feeling better equipped and better able to see His power working in the middle of it all. 

Tomorrow, we’ll cover some of the feelings of bewilderment and confusion parents face and have to work through with unplanned diagnosis. Then, we’ll get some wisdom from three parents who are navigating raising medically, intellectually, developmentally, and emotionally different kids. 

There isn’t a magical formula to make everything better. There aren’t any rose-colored glasses. But there are some unshakeable truths and lessons to be learned from God. It’s the prayer of those of us who have contributed to this Bible Plan, that God will speak to you and meet you where you need Him as you read. 

Journal: Get out a new Word doc or a fresh journal. Write about where you are in your current journey with special needs and disability. Write about where you hope God meets you as you read this Bible Plan. Write it out.