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[Maximum Joy Series] Perfect LoveSample

[Maximum Joy Series] Perfect Love

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Perfect Love

Can you remember the first time you fell in love? Most people would answer that they remember it as if it were yesterday. I would dare to say that you remember how he or she was dressed, what their hair looked like, the color of their eyes, and the time of the year. But unfortunately, I would also dare to say that it went away as fast as it came. It happens to most of uswe fall in and out of love very quickly. 

We would all like to find perfect lovesomeone who would accept us just as we are, someone who understands us, someone we do not have to perform for, who knows the good side and the bad side but stays with us no matter what. Do you think that it is possible to find this kind of love here on earth? What would be the picture of perfect love if I asked you to describe the perfect love relationship? A couple walking hand in hand by the ocean? A mother holding her child after giving birth? 

For some people, the idea of perfect love would remain tied to their imagination and the Land of Wishes. For others, it might get a little more realistic and down to earth. Though we do get glimpses of that kind of love from time to time, little snapshots of dreams come true, sound bites of perfection, our question all throughout these days would be: Is there any source of love like that and does it really last?

The apostle John wrote an amazing letter to the church to say yes. Such love does exist in the universe, but it is not found in humans, angels, or animals. It comes from God, and He wants to share it with us so that we can share it with others. 

As children of God, we received eternal life as a free gift when we believed the gospel of Jesus. This free gift allowed us to enter into a relationship with God. Fellowship and harmony are built upon doing the Father’s will, obeying His wishes, and abiding in Him. If our desire is not to settle for a nominal relationship with our Heavenly Father but rather to have fellowship with Him, we must learn to love right, to love as He loved us (John 13:34). 

This is the third time John presents the principle of loving right. Throughout his letter, he tackled on how to love our brothers and sisters, and this is the climax. If you have a hunger for perfect love, join me in the discovery of this beautiful portrait of God’s perfect love through the eyes of the apostle John. Together, we will unveil the riches of God’s perfect love and experience Maximum Joy.

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[Maximum Joy Series] Perfect Love

It is one thing to have a relationship with the Lord; another is to experience intimacy with Him. Join the apostle John in the pursuit of fellowship with God through chapter 4 and beginning of chapter 5 of 1 John. Togeth...


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