The Proverbs 32 Woman: A 5-Day Devotional Plan

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


Where Does Time Go? 

Do you ever feel like the day is half over and you don’t even know where it went? I know in my heart that I’m supposed to enjoy each moment. I’ve read that message on enough greeting cards. I’m just not very good at doing it. Are you? 

I was in a gift store and I saw a plaque that said, “Enjoy the people in your life because they will never be this age again.” I thought of my parents in their seventies, wishing they would live forever. I thought of my kids growing at superhero warp speed. I started bawling—yes, bawling—in the store. Of course I had to purchase that sign and several other decorative (useless) items. 

When I got home, flipping through the scrapbooks my Pinterest-gifted mom made for me, I saw time passing through the pages of photos and report cards and graduation certificates. I realized the plaque was right. I’d better take in the moments with the people I love, because I’m never going to get them back. 

So I called my parents and some old friends just to say hello. (It’s a lost art form to make a phone call to a friend for no particular reason.) And the next day I told my kids we were having a “Mommy Lucy Ruby Day.”

We stayed home from school, ate chocolate chip marshmallow pancakes for breakfast and cheeseburgers for lunch, and watched way too many Hallmark movies. It was perfect. It was bliss. It was just what I needed. Even they thought it was an awesome day, because Mommy put down her phone and her “work stuff” and played with them. 

I could feel God smiling that day. I made a point to be grateful for what He’s given me. I didn’t spend my time on worry, stress, and doubt. I simply felt thankful, and I let God know I was grateful for all He has given me. It made us both happy. 

Dear Lord, 

If there were a way to slow down time, I’d pray for You to do it. But I suppose I just need You to help me slow down so I can appreciate all that You’ve given me in this life. 

In Jesus’ name,