ADVANCE: A Revival Devotional

ADVANCE: A Revival Devotional

DAY 21 OF 22

Advance In Freedom

"God is in the business of setting His people free" - Lee Burns, Hillsong College

Oftentimes, we’ll enter into a season of fasting as a church. There have been times that I’ve been so excited to end the fast because then I’ll finally get to eat some of the things I haven’t eaten in weeks. I think to myself, “finally, I have the freedom to eat this,” and I stuff myself with more food than I can handle and end up feeling sick.

The letters Paul wrote to the Corinthians address “freedom” very differently. Instead of just doing what you please, freedom is more about living free from the veil that once blocked our minds and hearts to receive God’s truth. The greater clarity we have in light of Jesus, the more freedom we experience in our lives. This veil has now been removed and our eyes can be opened so we can behold the glory of the Lord revealed to us in His word. As we behold Him, we reflect our Savior more and more and continue to transform into His own image.

We advance in freedom when we discover what it is to be free in Jesus Christ. As we become more like Christ, and as the Holy Spirit reveals the character of Christ to us through the scriptures, we are transformed into His image and we begin to reflect His freedom in our lives. You are made free in Jesus Christ! Walk in that freedom!

Action Questions: What are you choosing your freedom to reflect today?

Have you had the deep revelation that you are made free in Christ Jesus?

Prayer: "Dear Lord, open my eyes to see more of you and your marvelous work. May it shape me daily to become more like you. Amen."

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ADVANCE: A Revival Devotional

In this 22-day devotional, we will be unpacking the Bible to help people advance in their personal lives, relationship with Jesus, and ultimately help advance the kingdom of God. This devotional will help equip people to...

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