Prayer and God’s Promises for the Nations

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9:38 - God’s People Praying for God’s Workers

Billions live beyond the current spread of the Gospel. This problem of nations full of sheep without a Good Shepherd existed in Jesus’ day as well. Seeing the shepherd-less crowds and feeling for them, Jesus told his followers to ask the Lord “to send out workers” to the people in His harvest field.

God’s original plan and promises to reach all nations on earth remains the same. He still intends to use His people to work out His promises. Jesus shared the Father’s heart for the nations and entrusted His disciples to do something about it. Before telling them to go, He asked them to pray. 

What would help you pray regularly for the Lord “to send out workers” for the harvest? Setting your alarm for 9:38 can remind you of Matthew 9 and Jesus’ commandment to ask. Then at 9:38 you can pray, as Jesus directed His disciples, for workers to go out to God’s worldwide harvest field.