Day 6 - Empty the Jar

Is there a time in your life when you have given God your best? When you dropped everything to serve Him? A moment when you lifted your hands in worship, not caring if it makes others uncomfortable? An instance where you had little to offer and yet still gave generously?

Like the woman in Luke 7, you have emptied the jar. Despite living a sinful life, she encountered Jesus in both a bold and broken way. With tears streaming down her face, she bowed and cleansed Jesus’ feet. She poured out her expensive perfume and anointed Him. 

A Pharisee questioned why Jesus was welcoming a sinner into His presence. Jesus reminded him that the one who has been forgiven of many sins is most thankful to receive new mercies. Jesus not only received her gifts, but affirmed her act of worship. 

We need to realize the sin in our own hearts. We are unworthy to set foot in God’s throne room. 

Yet through His forgiveness, Jesus makes us pure before God and we are seen for all we are. In this vulnerable position, we are invited to lift up our hands to worship Him. In our brokenness, we are invited to sit at His feet.

Just as Jesus demonstrated His love for us on the cross, we need to offer our best to Him—to pour out our lives as an act of sacrifice and to use our gifts to bring glory to Him. We are called to empty the jar.

Keep Talking Questions

How will you empty your metaphorical jar today?

How can you embody the true worship that the Father deserves?



Father, through Your Son Jesus, forgive my sins. You have filled my jar; help me to empty it out for Your Kingdom’s sake. Amen.