3 Days Of Encouragement For Parents Of Children With Disabilities

Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading


So many questions run through a parent’s mind when their child is born with a disability or medical condition: Why my child? Did I do something wrong? What am I going to do now? Can I take care of my child? 

I will be the first to tell you that the moment when you realize your child’s life is going to be much different from other children’s is scary. It can bring out emotions from within yourself that you never knew existed—like jealousy or anger toward friends and family members with healthy children. It can get to the point where you isolate yourself and your child in your own little world of pity and sorrow. During these times, you must realize that there is a greater purpose and plan for your child. God has a specific reason for your child to have a disability. It is not to punish anyone but to show how God works through everyone, even the weakest of us all. 

A person with a disability or medical condition can move the hardest of hearts. God softens these people through the struggles that people with disabilities and medical conditions face. Even though your child may not do things like other children their age, they will do things that only they can do. I’ve seen Grace Anna’s life touch people in ways I never could. That’s not us; that’s God. 

Write down whatever things you think you did wrong that could have caused your child to be born differently. Now take that piece of paper and destroy it however you like. Wad it up, burn it, or rip it to shreds. Do whatever you need to do and get it out of your mind that you caused this. 

God needs you to take care of his most precious gift for whom he has a big plan. He doesn’t have time for you to feel sorry for yourself or your child. You’ve got work to do for him. One day, you will see what great work he has done through your child, and you will also see that their life can be full of joy and hope like every other life God has created. Get up and move on. It’s not your fault. God has a plan.