Unstoppable God


 “I could search the world but ill never find a Love Like Yours”

Love is a strange thing. It is a thing we barely understand, barely comprehend. It’s something we rarely glimpse the true nature of.

We spend our entire lives in a search to discover real love on this earth. We search in every corner, nook, and cranny, only to come away disappointed, because often what we find is simply an emotion. Emotions are doomed to fall short of true love because feelings change and fade. Investing in an emotion, in the end, leaves us alone and bitter. Sadly, we begin believing true love doesn’t exist at all. 

True love does exist. It exists as truly as the sun in the sky, or the stars at night. It is more real than the air you are breathing now. In fact, take a deep breath and know that love is allowing you the opportunity to breathe it in, to live. You see, there are many counterfeits to love. These seem like the real thing, smell like the real thing, even feel like the real thing - in the moment. Yet in the end a counterfeit is worthless, valueless, and will leave you heartbroken.

May I introduce you to the real thing? 

You see Love is the most unselfish thing in the universe. It sacrifices itself for those who are not worthy. It chooses to lay down its life for friends and enemies alike. It does not see color, status, or past failures. It will not fail you. His name is Jesus and He is love. 

You can continue your search for perfect love, but I assure you, you can search the whole world, but you will never find a love like His . Maybe you’ve been looking to this world to tell you what love is. Maybe you’ve swallowed the bait of counterfeits that have failed you and robbed you of hope. Well, Love is with you right now. 

If you feel unloved today, if you feel left out, valueless, broken, or just simply alone, love is with you right now.  Open up your heart to true love and taste and see that He is good!