Present Your Bodies As A Living Sacrifice.

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I Beseech You.

I beseech you brothers and sisters that you present your life as a living sacrifice unto God. Present every area over to Him. Surrender every hidden thing over to Him. Let His Word keep you and transform you from the inside out.  (Romans 12:1)

According to Strong’s Concordance, the Greek word for “present” is ‘paristēmi’ (G3936) which means, “To place beside or near.” Present and place your life besides the Word of God. Let His Word lead your life. Let your life and character reflect His Word. Set your body apart for His use. Stay close to Him. Surrender to His Word. 

Let His Word transform you from the inside out. Let His Word wash you daily. Let His Holy Spirit dwell in you richly. Present your body over to God daily. Present your gifts, talents and abilities over to Him. Surrender to Him. I beseech you, or I implore you, that you put away childish and immature things and submit your bodies as a living and continual sacrifice to God. Surrender to God and leave the childish things behind you.

Romans‬ ‭12:1‬ ‭AMPC‬‬ declares, “I APPEAL to you therefore, brethren, and beg of you in view of [all] the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies [presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice, holy (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship.” 

Make a decisive decision to surrender your body, your life, ministry, your business, marriage and your family over to God. Worship Him.

Surrender to Him daily. Lay your conduct down before His feet. Surrender your heart over to Him. Surrender your language and communication over to Him. Let God lead how you handle the heart of others. Surrender everything over to Christ and let Him lead your path. 

“And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.” Romans‬ ‭12:1‬ ‭NLT‬‬