Considering Missions?

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God Is a Giver of Wisdom

This Bible Plan was written by DH, World Team missionary in Cameroon 

The truth is, deciding to become a missionary is not one decision, but many. One must choose whether to go or stay, a missions agency, a job, a country, a city or village, etc. While all of these decisions can be intimidating, it can also be quite exciting. If you consider the fact that God calls us to search for wisdom like “hidden treasures,” each new bit of wisdom God gives is like finding a gold nugget.

Remember that God does not require you to know everything about the future now. He will equip you for what you need one day at a time. Rather than trying to figure it all out before moving forward, pray for wisdom for the next step. Then take that step and pray for wisdom for the next. 

The Word tells us that God loves to give us wisdom, but we are told to ask for wisdom in faith, without doubting. When you pray about your future, pray to the God of all wisdom. He is not confused. He is not wondering what the future will look like.

He knows exactly what is best for you. Pray confidently in the knowledge that you are a child of the Almighty God. Just like a parent who loves to give good gifts to his children, God is eager to give you the wisdom you need right now. 

Praise the Lord for…

· his great wisdom. Unlike us, God is not limited by finite experiences. He created all things, existed before all things, sees all things, and knows all things. 

· his willingness to give. God is not only wise, but generous. Praise him because he does not hide his wisdom from those who seek it.

Pray that…

· the Lord would give you wisdom today. Pray for wisdom in a very specific area. Maybe what sort of missionary work you should consider, or what missions organization. Don’t be vague. Let God lead you in that next step.

· you would have the faith needed to ask for wisdom without doubting.