A Woman Of Significance: Discovering Purpose

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Esteemed, Valued, and Treasured

You were made on purpose, for purpose, and with purpose! What an extraordinary—but sadly, often disbelieved—truth! May I make that statement again so that you can allow the power of the words to sink deeply into your purpose-parched soul? 

You were made on purpose…for purpose…and with purpose! You must not allow any person or situation to convince you of anything to the contrary.

It only takes one sentence to explain definitively why your existence on planet earth in the first part of the twenty-first century is so important to the plans of God and to eternity. You can understand your overall assignment with this simple but profound truth: You are here to reveal the story of Jesus! You are here so that Jesus can be present in the flesh through you. Your life will only be as significant as your choice to lay down your life and tell the story of Jesus. The overriding, driving purpose of your life is to reveal Jesus to others!

If you believe the truths of Scripture, then you must believe that before you were even born, the God of the universe had you on His mind. You are not here by accident or by mistake; you are here by the intentional purposes and plans of God. In Psalm 139:17 (NLT), David proclaimed, “How precious are your thoughts about me, O God.” Think about that for a moment! An ordinary man, who was often entrapped in discouragement and depression, exclaimed from the depths of his being that his Creator—the One who had fashioned him—thought wonderful thoughts about His creation!

Not only does God, your heavenly Father, have a purpose for your life, but the psalmist describes what type of purpose is in His wonderful mind. His purpose for your life is “precious”! The Hebrew word that describes the thoughts and plans of God toward your significant life is yaqar. This word does, indeed, mean “to be precious,” but it can also be translated as “to be esteemed, valued, treasured, and costly.” It encompasses the idea of being prized and extremely valuable. The purpose that God has attached to your life is valuable to Him and to His kingdom.

You are a woman of worth and value.

Basing your identity and the value of your purpose on the blueprint of the One who made you is essential to determining a true estimation of yourself. Your Creator thinks cherished thoughts about your life! The One who fashioned your innermost parts has priceless plans and esteemed goals in store for you.

God meant for the minutes of your life to matter greatly during your brief tenure on planet earth. Doesn’t that bring joy to your heart? He thought about you and prepared for you! You are His first-time-in-forever creation!