In My Feelings

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DAY 1 - When the Dentists Knows

I really don’t like going to the Dentist. I’ve met some really nice Dentists, but sometimes I wonder how they can do what they do with a smile.  

Let’s imagine you’re sitting at an appointment with the Dentist right now..  

You’re sitting in the chair. 

You’re wearing the gown. 

You’re wearing the best 80s sunnies you’ve ever seen. 

And the Dentist asks you.. under the interrogating lamp gazing above you... 

“So.. have you been flossing?” 

I’m not sure if you felt what the word conviction means, but I’ve discovered it in this moment. 

Then, the Dentist may recommend some ways of flossing, then ends the appointment. 

Let’s say you flossed once over a number of months. 

You see the Dentist again… 

“So.. have you been flossing?” 

Then, the incredible people that we are, we look back with gritted smile and confidently say… “I floss every day. Consistently.”  

“Well, you may be in denial.. but something seems to be growing in there” 

Dental Hygiene is a lot like being in our feelings. 

It requires consistent & intentional action to manage in a healthy way. 

Many people ignore what they need to confront, like dental hygiene.  

However, you cannot change what you’re not willing to confront in our lives. 

If we don’t learn how to confront & manage our feelings, things start to grow. 

My prayer in this Plan is that you learn a couple of ways of how to approach managing your feelings through the Word of God. 

This Plan isn’t to substitute seeing a professional. I am not a Psychologist and I would recommend anyone reading this that seeing a professional is very helpful & admirable and should be destigmatized. 

There’s been many moments in my life where I’ve felt my emotions have gotten the best of me. You either act on your emotions or your emotions act on you.  

Many Christians settle for living emotionally unhealthy lives and rationalise it as a “thorn in their flesh” or their “cross to bear”. 

One of the best testimonies of our faith, is that your friends & family see the fruit of your life and want what you believe in.  

David wrote many of the Psalms. You see within moments of reading the Psalms, David can go from wrestling with discouragement & loneliness to then declaring hope with overwhelming joy. David expresses many emotions in the Psalms that we can all relate with: 

Loneliness: “I am lonely and afflicted” (Psalms 25:16).  

Thankfulness: “I will thank you in the great congregation” (Psalms 35:18). 

Shame: “Shame has covered my face” (Psalms 44:15).  

Joy: “You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound” (Psalms 4:7).  

Regret: “I am sorry for my sin” (Psalms 38:18).  

Confidence: “Though war arise against me, yet I will be confident” (Psalms 27:3).  

Sorrow: “My life is spent with sorrow” (Psalms 31:10).  

Anger: “Be angry, and do not sin” (Psalms 4:4).  

Grief: “My eye wastes away because of grief” (Psalms 6:7).  

Peace: “In peace I will both lie down and sleep” (Psalms 4:8).  

Brokenhearted: “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” (Psalms 34:18).  

Pain: “I am afflicted and in pain” (Psalms 69:29).  

Discouragement: “Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me” (Psalms 42:5)?  

Hope: “Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in you” (Psalms 33:22). 

I love how David is so real & honest with his emotions towards God. 

For today, I want you encourage you that God isn’t afraid to hear your feelings in prayer, just like David in the Psalms.  

Sometimes we try to clean ourselves up emotionally before we talk to God. When he actually wants every part of you — not just the ‘all together’ moments. 

Share your honest feelings with him today in prayer. 


(1) What is ONE emotion from David you can relate to right now?  

(2) What is ONE emotion from David you would like to have more of in your life?  


Dear God. Thank you for sending Jesus so I can have a relationship with you. Thank you that I don’t need to hide my feelings from you. Thank you for your unconditional love in my honesty. Amen.