Emblems Of The Infinite King: An 8-Day Devotional

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The Doctrine of God

One of the best ways to know God is to know how he outshines you. Just think about this: God is God because God is infinite. God does not have limitations like you do. You are finite. You can’t do everything. It is different for the King, though. His power knows no bounds, and his control and rule extend to everything that belongs to him, which is . . . . well . . . everything. Nothing controls or restricts him either. Only God controls God, and he does so perfectly. This is why God cannot tell a lie. This is not a limitation of his ability; it is that his truthfulness has no limits. God cannot sin because God’s perfect holiness is never-ending. God is God because God needs no one and nothing. 

God shares a few of his qualities with you so that you can know him better. This doesn’t mean that you are God or are able to become him; instead, it means that God made you to reflect his character to his world in a limited way. God made you to know him, which is why knowing him is the most important thing about you. He made you not just to know about him but to really, personally know him. To do this, you must listen to him and follow his words.