Not Built To Last

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Cling to Faithfulness “I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord”

Habakkuk was both an aptly named prophet and book. The name Habakkuk is derived from the Hebrew verb embrace or wrestle. Through Habakkuk’s prayers we see him both wrestle God and embrace His answer. And in the end, we see Habakkuk’s firm faith revealed. Habakkuk wasn’t afraid to ask for more because he knew his God was able to do far more than we could ever guess or request in our wildest dreams. 

But just because Habakkuk was a man of faith, doesn’t mean he never doubted. God presented him with hard and upsetting news. After God’s first response, Habakkuk responded with questions and worry. He was faced with something that was out of his control.

When God does answer Habakkuk, it’s nothing like what he was expecting. Instead of peace and restoration like Habakkuk asked for, God promises the exact opposite for the people of Judah.

God exclaims, 

“Look at the nations and watch—

    and be utterly amazed. 

For I am going to do something in your days 

    that you would not believe, 

    even if you were told.” (Habakkuk 1:5)

That “something” was doom and destruction. God would send the Babylonians to destroy Judah. It would be out with the old and broken and in with the new. 

Much like our own pleas, sometimes the answer we receive is not the one we desired. We question how this could possibly be for the best. Like maybe your request for health and restoration. Instead God has answered with what many people might fear – surgery. 

Instead of simply healing your broken body, God prepares you for a more dramatic solution. A long and hard process that can require an immense amount of perseverance and trust. 

But this is where man’s wisdom falls short. Unable to see the entire picture, we end up creating solutions that are imperfect, especially when compared to God’s plans. 

Habakkuk was forced to move forward into an unknown future that would require perseverance and trust in God’s plan. Sometimes we have to let go of things that are beyond our understanding and lean fully into our trust in the Lord. 

When things don’t seem to be going your way – a hard diagnosis, or upcoming surgery or pain that just doesn’t seem to have an end – remember that God’s plan is always good and perfect.  

Habakkuk is known as a man of faith, not because of his willingness to accept a difficult answer and move on, but his determination to persevere faithfully through the challenge in front of him with the knowledge that the Almighty had his back. In the end, Habakkuk’s faith grew because of his willingness to wrestle with God and in turn, embrace His plan.

Today, thank God for his goodness and His provision in your life.