Find Your Hope

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Hope is a word we all throw around a lot: hope you get better soon, hope you’re well. At Hope 103.2, it’s said hundreds of times on air every day. Yet what’s contained in this short word is a big deal. Isaiah tells us that the source of our hope is the source of our strength. If our belief and expectation is found in Jesus, our strength is renewed.

In every season of life, we’ll have all we need to do it well. If we’re aiming for the heights, it’ll be with the ease and power of an eagle. If we’re in a sprint, it won’t wear us out, and when we need to simply endure and keep walking, we’ll be able to do that too.

Our own efforts and striving and narrow pursuits are worthless without God. He is what fuels our ability to live well and to live TRULY rested. Not Netflix-and-ugg-boots rested… we’re talking about that deep-inner-peace kind of rest. If you feel like your strength needs to be renewed, why not say it out loud and remind yourself, ‘Lord I put my hope again in You’.