Springforth: A New Thing Devotional

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


In His Image

Everything that God created was made according to its kind and in studying the Word, you’ll find that man is the only creation made in the likeness of God. God purposed that man would be set apart, different from all the other things that He had made. God loved man so much that He gave him power and authority (even over those things that were created before man, including the angels). In this way, God sends a clear message to man and to all creation that man is special; we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people set apart from the world that we live in and set unto Him. 

The truth that God chose to love us this way and set us apart specially is not something we should take lightly. When we explore all creatures, we will find that they are all fit for the purpose for which they were created. 

We lost our identity and image after the likeness of God when the enemy distorted our image. It’s almost like he took away that perfectly clean, pristine mirror which we look through to see God’s image and reflection, and switched it with those distorted mirrors that we see at the fun fair or on social media filters. Our continuous thirst to be different from what God created us to be or to be something else has switched our identity and misguided us. 

Adam and Eve sought to be like God, but they missed the truth that they already looked like Him, and their desire for something else caused them to sin and step outside of God’s perfect plan. Their dissatisfaction crippled their destiny and left mankind chasing all sorts of shadows. 

God’s image is perfect. He wants us to be perfect just like He is perfect and this is why He created us in His image, because that was the best option for mankind. 

Jesus Himself is the visible image of the invisible God. In Him we see the true image and nature of all that God created, purposed and designed for us to be. Jesus came to die for our sins, to restore us, to take and smash the distorted mirror in exchange for that perfect, pristine mirror so that once again, we can look like God. Are you holding tightly onto that distorted mirror, having too much fun in the fun fair of the world and refusing to let go? In His image is the BEST you will ever be; refuse to listen to the lies of the enemy because that's all they are – lies! There’s nothing more outside of God.  

Let Us Pray: 

Heavenly Father, thank You for creating me in Your likeness and then affording me the opportunity to be restored to Your likeness (through Jesus) even after the fall of man. Help me to see that You have made me perfectly, and being in Your likeness is the best that I can be. Help me to be satisfied with this truth and to yearn daily to be more and more like You, to be continually drawn to You. Thank You, Abba Father, because I know that You have answered. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.