The Lie Of "Not Enough"


1) The Question: “Am I Enough?” 

I published a book several years ago called Are You Enough? Encouragement for the Overwhelmed and Exhausted Homeschool Mom. Before starting to write, my book coach asked me “If your new book could answer a question, what would it be?” I pondered. What was one of the greatest questions in my heart and the heart of my potential readers? I replied that most people, especially women, struggle with wondering if they have what it takes. Tto be “enough”? To be a great marriage partner? To be great mom? We question whether we are skinny enough, strong enough, smart enough? Just enough for whatever task is at hand. The real question boils down to a question of sufficiency.

Questioning my own sufficiency increased with marriage, parenting and then peaked when I considered homeschooling our four children. We all ask the questions, “Do I actually have what it takes to __________? “(You fill in the blank.) 

When I was a teen and young adult, I walked in all sorts of crazy confidence of doing it bigger and better than my parents, my teachers and my world. Ha! That must have been my inexperienced and unwise hormones leading me to rise up and have dominion over all of my earth. Youth and dreams. So powerful yet so naïve. Necessary but untested. Hope-filled but not filled with years of wisdom. We need the dreams of those youth-filled days but including the wisdom of the years as well. Alas, the dilemma. This was my question of “enoughness”. Is that even a word? It was my word, in my mind, in my book!

We all need to settle this question of sufficiency or forever live under the yoke and illusion of the load. I needed more freedom to navigate my days. So, do you! 

Questions to ponder:

· What areas do you feel that you are “not enough”?

· What do you need to be enough?

· Does the “enough” line seem to keep moving?

Life-giving Prayer: Father, before I even knew myself, You knit me together in my mother’s womb. You said that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I am confident that You knew what You were doing. You say that I am a masterpiece made for good works... A masterpiece is enough. You say that I am wholly loved and wholly equipped for every good work.  My work is enough. Please forgive me for questioning Your design but help me to question my thoughts. I know Your yoke is easy and light. I rest knowing that You have created me exactly how Your created me. Let me step into Your Presence and Your power to redeem my days.