Flourish In Christ: 7-Day Devotional

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Throughout my life, I have walked through many seasons of darkness. This darkness followed me into my young adult years, where I found myself at the age of 20 feeling alone and in an abusive marriage. During my three years of marriage, I had a baby boy. I knew I wanted him to have a different life. I knew things needed to change.

I did not know Christ at the time, but soon after walking through a divorce, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Since then, I have learned that Christian women also walk through darkness. The trials and burdens of life can be withering.

How can we flourish with so much darkness surrounding us?

Without the sun, trees are not able to flourish and grow. The same goes for you and me. When we get stuck in the enemy's shadow-darkness, we are not able to flourish as we should in Christ. Life pulls us in every direction. It hits us when we are down. It can leave us feeling uncertain. It overwhelms us on most days. When we are in the trenches of everyday life, it can sometimes be hard for us to see His love and the light that can only come from Him.

There is one thing I know for sure - if we are placing our faith firmly in God, He will give us the strength and vitality to get through each day. Just like the cedars of Lebanon, we will grow in our walk, we will become strong, and we will begin to flourish. 

Father, help me to flourish and grow, to become more like you. Help me to be brave and unshakable in life's darkness. Amen.

What darkness are you trying to carry yourself that you can hand over to God?