God’s Inheritance Is Yours


His Word is the most precious of treasures!

It’s through faith in Jesus Christ that we are God’s heirs. We have access to all His promises, to the greatest treasure that the Earth can neither contain nor offer. The psalmist fully realized this when he declared,

“Truly, I love your commands more than gold, even the finest gold.” (see Psalm 119:127, NLT)

The Word is the most precious resource that God has placed in our hands, after sending us the Holy Spirit to comfort and teach us everything that was communicated to the apostles. (Read John 14:26)

Perhaps, you lack the time and/or motivation to read the Bible or meditate on it. Or perhaps you sometimes find it complicated, and certain books seem boring to you. I understand...that’s why I’d like to invite you to (re)discover my other reading plans on YouVersion.  

In the meantime, let me give you a glimpse of this gift from heaven that’s given to you specifically. The Word of God:

  • Grants you the right to become a child of God if you receive it. (Read John 1:12) 
  • Gives you a long life if you receive the Father’s words. (Read Proverbs 4:10) 
  • Fills you with wisdom and knowledge if you pay attention to it. (Read Proverbs 2:6)
  • Brings you the joy of living if you find pleasure in it and turn from the counsel of the wicked. (Read Psalm 1:1-3)
  • Keeps you in peace if you follow its perfect way. (Read Psalm 18:30) 
  • Refreshes and enables you to lift your head in your daily walk with God. (Read Psalm 110:7) 
  • Gives you every effective weapon to thwart all the devil’s tricks and defeat all evil spirits. (Read Ephesians 6:10-18) 

I encourage you to hold the Word of God close to your heart, like a treasure. It is the key to a life filled with His presence and power. It is the source of a balanced, healthy, and flourishing life. It is a river that doesn’t run dry, spiritual food that fortifies your soul. 

Let’s pray together that this Word would become more and more precious in your eyes...“Almighty God, thank You for Your Word, for this precious gift that You have given me. Thank You for Your words that heal all my wounds, guide my steps, free me, and comfort me. Open my mind to receive instruction, teaching, and counsel from You. Help me not only to read it and meditate on it more but also to put it into practice. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

The Word of God is part of your inheritance…

Have a wonderful day in His presence!

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