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Meditation Moments

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Finding the Treasure

Have you ever prepared so hard for something like a presentation or ministration, only to get on the platform and fail, or at least not be as successful as you had prepared for? I remember the day I led worship songs in church and tripped up so bad that I was embarrassed to face even my family. I had been so nervous beforehand (even though I had been leading worship in church for over a decade) and that nervousness came right through on the Sunday. 

That episode had an immediate negative impact on me and I really felt like I had let God and His people down but while I was wallowing in self-pity God reminded me of His love and mercy. I heard Him whisper to my heart that while men love a display of skill, excellence and passion, He sees beyond the exterior, past our mistakes and abilities, right through to the state of our hearts, and from there He is able to bring forth treasure. 

Sometimes, we tear down the things that God is using to build us. If God isn’t tearing you down or uprooting something in you, then don’t give the devil or your flesh the chance to do so simply because you made a mess. Instead, we need to turn all our vulnerabilities over to God and trust Him to work His good work in us. I might have made a very obvious mistake during that worship session (by man’s standards) but God can still use such moments like that to bless people. 

Today you might find yourself in situations where you feel like you’ve slipped up. Rather than focusing on the negatives and the shame of your mistakes, focus on the love and mercy of God and there you will find the treasure He is bringing out from within you! Remember that you have to dig past a whole load of mess to get to the treasure.


1. Look for the treasure in your ‘messy’ moments through careful analysis and godly consideration. What does God want you to learn through such moments?

2. Strive to be better – not for your personal promotion but for God’s glory. Do not take the skills and talents that the Lord has given you for granted.

3. Trust that even from your mess, God can bring forth a message – God can use everything and anything. Don’t limit His ability and power to work in and through you, even when things don’t go as you expect.

Disclaimer: God deserves your best always. As you strive to be better, hone your skills and work at your best. 

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Meditation Moments

This plan presents some thought-provoking short messages for you to consider during your daily meditation moments and draws from scrIpture and practical real-life experiences to provide spiritual nourishment to boost you...


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