No Shadow Of Fear

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Let’s set the scene. Jesus had just retired from a full schedule. He healed a man from leprosy, spoke with a Roman officer who had great faith in Him to heal his servant, healed many who were demon-possessed, and taught on the cost of discipleship. Then Jesus gets on a boat, and naturally, the disciples follow him.

Suddenly they were hit with a storm, and the disciples panicked. Although Jesus had already proven himself to be a miracle worker, the disciples were still fearful in the middle of a storm.

Fear is a common phenomenon we all encounter in diverse ways. One moment, we are smooth sailing through this journey called life, and the next, we are in the eye of the storm. We need to be reminded that whatever we face, Jesus is in the storm with us.

The next few days in this devotional will serve as a reminder that whilst fearful situations occur, Jesus is greater than our fears