[The Love Of God] Comfort

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The Love Of God is Our Comfort

What would you do if you knew that there was an easy answer and a way out for all of your problems? Would you take it without consideration? Would you stop and consider the pros and cons? Would you consider other options? Sometimes when things seem too good to be true, we tend to stay away from them, disregard them, and not even consider them as a possibility.

The truth is that the more we know God, the closer we are to Him, we start to realize that in Him we have all the answers, all the security and comfort we need for every area and every circumstance in our lives. But it sometimes seems too good to be true, right? Because it asks of us to trust without reservations. To have faith in a God we cannot see, to believe blindly and deeply that everything will work out for our good even when things are not going well in our lives.

God promises us that He will always be with us. He promises us a love that is faithful, steadfast, and irrevocable; no matter what we do, no matter what the chaos of our lives look like, He loves us with a faithful love. A love that is not fickle, because we cannot be comforted by a fickle God, but from the faithfulness of God comes the comfort of God. His promise is that He will always love us and comfort us. 

To give comfort is to give strength and hope to someone. And that is what God is promising us. It does not matter what goes on around us—He will always be with us, strengthening us and comforting us. In Him, we will always find safety and security. He is our shepherd; He will always protect us and guide us along the right paths. In His comfort, we can find rest and happiness. 

God never intended for us to live lonely, sad, and worried lives on our own. He did say that in this life we will encounter affliction and bad days, but He also says that He wants to be with us through it all. He wants us to feel His warm embrace and His comforting love all the days of our lives. Not only that, but He also sent us a comforter, His Holy Spirit, to guide us and be with us. He gave us an easy way out of all of our problems and afflictions. It is time for us to take advantage of what God offers us and start living our lives to the fullest, knowing that we will always have God on our side.