[Psalms] Joyful Dreamer

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You are beginning the third part of the Psalms Series. The first devotional of the series was based on Psalms 46 where we discussed our need to rest in the Lord. 

Then, in the second devotional, we discussed the power of worship, of singing to the Lord as described in Psalms 47. That you could be a terrible singer and an awesome worshiper. To make a joyful noise from your heart to the Lord. 

This third devotional is based on a Psalm that is not really famous, but I will tell you this: It has become one of my favorite ones. This Psalm is about dreaming big, and I am not referring to the dreams at night when you go to sleep. 

I am talking about dreams that make you think out loud, “What if this was to happen? What if that took place? What if God did this? What if the Lord moved in this way?” Psalm 126 deals with the spectrum of emotions that we have in life—from joy and laughter to weeping and pain. How we can be a part of the dreams of God. 

As Americans, dreams are hugely important to us. One of the most famous speeches in American history was Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream.” That was the big speech over and over. “I have a dream. I have a dream.” It has changed the course of our nation. 

We watch all the fairytales and Disney movies where the plot is usually, “Here is a dream of how they lived happily ever after.” 

At the end of your student career, when you get to graduation, the speaker is going to stand up and say, “Follow your dreams.” And your parents are going to be behind you saying, “Make sure you can pay for your dreams.”

We are a dreaming culture and that is a great thing, but the key is that we need to be about God’s dreams—not getting God behind our dreams. We need to get on board with His dreams and let His dreams be what comes out of our lives. Then we will see what it means to truly dream something and to see it come to life.

Does God have a dream for you and for your kids? Does God have a dream where you play a part in the kingdom? Yes, He does, and He cannot wait for you to get on board.