When Building A Life For God

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Expect Help

In today's passage, Nehemiah has chosen not only to rebuild the wall around the city of Jerusalem but he has also chosen the path of living a life for God. And, in doing so, he realizes he is not alone in this venture. Help was on the way and it came from two different sources.

First, the help came from God. In Nehemiah’s case, the task of building a wall around an entire city was way too big for one person, especially when you find out in chapter 1 that Nehemiah is merely the captive servant of a king in a foreign land. He not only needed help to build the wall, but also to get the freedom and finances to do so. The great thing is that Nehemiah knew he needed God’s help, sought it in prayer, and received it! That’s right! If God was the boss on your job, He wouldn’t be the one sitting down telling you all the things you are doing wrong, He would be the one who asks you to do a task and then follows it up with helping you accomplish it. 

Second, we find in Nehemiah 2:18 that Nehemiah also received help from other people who had chosen the same path—to follow God. In the same way, God knows that when we choose to build a life for Him it takes a community to accomplish it. It takes a group of people with a singular focus and purpose. It takes a body of people, a family, a church. 

So when building a life for God EXPECT HELP. It’s coming!

PRAYER POINT FOR THE DAY: Ask God to bring the help you need from Him and from others who have chosen the same path to help you in building your life for Him.