The Domino Effect


The book of Acts is written by Luke. You remember him, right? He is the writer of one of the Gospels; the Gospel of Luke. Luke was actually a disciple of Paul, and Paul was one of the most influential early Christians. Luke references his first writing in verse 1 and 2 and talks about how Jesus was crucified, rose from the grave and then spent 40 extra days with his disciples. As he was eating dinner with them one night, he paused and said, “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised.” The gift Jesus is talking about is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

But he asked the early church leaders to WAIT. “I know you are ready to change the world, but wait! I know you are excited about the good news I have given you, but wait. I know I have told you to go to the ends of the earth, but wait.” Doesn’t this seem odd? There were only about 120 people that were following Jesus. The disciples were ready and willing to see that number explode, but Jesus told them to stay, don’t go, sit on your hands.

The early church had no idea how the Holy Spirit would impact their lives. The Holy Spirit changed everything! Sometimes in your life, you will have seasons of waiting. It probably won’t make sense, and it might even seem it contradicts the call of Jesus. But trust in the waiting. To wait means that it is worth waiting for. To wait means that you will have complete dependence on Jesus. And to wait means that you will be tested… by waiting. When is the last time you were in a season of waiting?