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If you have an active relationship with Jesus, then you are that One that He called to share the good news with others. He went out to look for, leaving the ninety-nine behind. He searched far and wide, high and low until He found YOU! (Luke  15: 1–7).

The goal of this Plan:

Jesus has found you and wants you to share the great news about salvation with others while relying on the Holy Spirit. This guide asks you to depend on the Holy Spirit to help you take five practical steps to reach out with the good news about salvation through Jesus Christ.

The 5-Steps are:

One!Name - Asking God to help you identify another lost person!

One!Prayer - Asking God in prayer to touch and save this person.

One!Invite - Lovingly inviting that person to a relationship with Christ and/or a service/program.

One!Soul - Lovingly going out to bring that person to an opportunity to experience Jesus.

One!Life - A follow-up plan where you can help that person  establish a daily Bible reading plan, communion, prayer habits, and regular fellowship with other believers.

This plan is intended to challenge you to be One! who goes after another who has strayed away from the Father and Shepherd of our souls. With the help and power of the Holy Spirit guiding you through these five steps, you will fulfill Matthew 28:18-20 and then encourage and enlist your friends, small groups, and church to go after another potential One!.