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Uncommen: The Space Between UsSample

Uncommen: The Space Between Us

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The Space Between Us

Having the right amount of spacing when it comes to your relationships is vitally important. We’re meant to live in unity with our fellow brothers and sisters and meant to worship Jesus continually. This also means that the amount of spacing we have with our spouses matters. Do you think there’s too much distance in your lives? Are you living as one flesh or two people who happen to live in the same place?

I know couples who seem to go a very long time without actively showing love each other. They may be in the same house or even the very same bed, but in the space between…there is nothing but…space.

I love what Peter is saying about loving one another earnestly. Since I work with my wife, I'm blessed to sit near her in our studio every day. So, I get the chance to lean over and tell her I love her and grab a kiss. But even when we didn't work side-by-side, we loved each other earnestly.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't hug my 23 and 20-year old sons and tell them I love them. They will never have to wonder if Dad loves them. I’d rather be too close than too far away when it comes to my sons. It’s a balance that needs to be tweaked as we all grow through life.

The other part of this scripture that I love is when Peter says, "since love covers a multitude of sins." Face it…we are all sinners saved by grace. Your marriage will need love to cover your many sins.


Uncommen Questions:

When was the last time you've gone a whole week without telling or showing your spouse that you earnestly love them?

Do you extend the same sin-covering love to others as Christ Jesus does for you and your sins?


Uncommen Challenge:

I challenge you to re-evaluate how you show love in the in-between moments. Examine what the space between you and your spouse looks like and compare that to what God says about loving earnestly and covering sin.

Scripture Verse:
1 Peter 4:8


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Uncommen: The Space Between Us

Having the right amount of spacing when it comes to your relationships is vitally important as we’re meant to be close to Jesus as well as live in unity with family and friends. This study touches on the space between an...


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