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How To Be A Good Christian ParentSample

How To Be A Good Christian Parent

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A Trained Parent 

Godly parenting might seem like a daunting task. However, the good news for us as Christians is that we are not alone in our walk with the Lord. We have a bigger family, the church of God, to help us in every aspect of our spiritual life. This includes parenting. We need to be devoted to God’s church by attending a local Christian congregation. When our church meets on Sunday for corporate worship, we should be there. If our church has a mid-week service, we should try to attend it. When we do, we experience the teaching of the Word of God together as a family. 

Many churches also have Bible studies that meet at various times and discuss different subjects. There might be a parenting class among the topics taught at our local church. The Bible says that when we meet together, we can exhort and encourage each other. Iron sharpens iron is a biblical expression that means that we can help each other and learn from each other. Since parenting is not an easy task, we should take advantage of any training and equipping a local church can offer. 

We are all students of the Word of God. When we get taught at our church, we can then go home and pass this knowledge on to our children. At home, we can practice living out the Word of God that we heard at church. Hearing the Word together as a family makes the job even easier. We can later discuss it together and help answer any questions our children might have. In other words, the church trains parents and the parents train children.

The church provides us with opportunities to serve and get trained in the Word of God in a practical way. We can come early to usher for the Sunday service. Or we can attend an outreach to the homeless the church might organize to learn compassion. We can involve our children in a youth group. They can even participate in leadership on their own level by leading a youth Bible Study or singing at a youth worship service. The church of God is an amazing place God provided for us to learn the Word of God together. The church helps us to accomplish our task of raising godly children. 

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How To Be A Good Christian Parent

Parenting is a difficult task. Yet, it is the very first commandment God gave Adam and Eve when He created them: to be fruitful and multiply. As Christian parents, we are supposed to raise our children to honor the Lord....


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