Pearls Of Wisdom By Angelique Du Toit

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A Treasury of Wisdom

Wisdom provides an immovable pillar on which to lean the ladder of your life. Wisdom is designed to take you to higher levels and will neither fail you nor let you down. Embrace wisdom, and its abundant success will benefit you for eternity. Wisdom desires that you learn from her insights and commit to the disciplines that will define you. 

To reap the rewards of wisdom you first have to apply the instruction. Wisdom is a treasure awaiting your discovery. Its inspiration and promises abound, but it has to find you working towards it.

Usually, wisdom’s first call to action is to be disciplined. Your daily disciplines determine your destiny, brings order out of chaos and helps you to value and honor time. Discipline keeps daily stresses under control as you plan your day effectively and keep your priorities in order. 

Our relationships rightly respond to the disciplines of respect, affirmation and kindness. Physical activity blesses you with health and longevity if you obey the sensible laws of healthy eating and exercise. A good night’s sleep is the best medicine that can be prescribed. Living with wisdom produces a satisfying life.

One of the traps of having the fast-paced lifestyle of this era is that we reject wisdom in favor of instant gratification. Wisdom 24/7 is not an option. Distractions and temptations surround you and leaning towards instant gratification could have lifelong implications. Raise the flag in time and save yourself mental anguish and heartache. You will be so glad you did.


Lord, I pray that Your wisdom, like a beacon of light, will show me the way to excellent judgment in all things that touch my life. May I always be led by Your Spirit and not by my emotions. Amen.