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[Follow] Agree With God

DAY 3 OF 3


Why does God want you to confess your sins? Because the kind of deep, loving relationship God wants to have with us requires transparency. Just think of it! He already knows what you are confessing. God is not surprised by your sin. He knew it all before it happened! When you confess your sin, I imagine God thinks, “I bet you feel better now. I’m glad that you don’t have to walk around with that on your back anymore. I hope you realize you don’t have to hide or live in fear now.” 

Confession is agreeing with God. Any time you don’t confess your sin, you’re in disagreement with God. In order to follow Jesus, we have to agree with Him. He wants you to come and agree with Him about what’s best for you. He wants you to agree with Him about where you have strayed. 

Why is it so hard to confess sin? It may be because we think our worth depends on maintaining an image of perfection. The more we try to maintain that mirage the more alone and more bound we feel. On the other hand, transparency and confession build intimacy with God and with those dearest to us. The best thing I have done as a parent is to apologize to my kids for not being a great dad. My children have never come back with, “Well, Dad, don’t ever do that again!” They have always embraced me because vulnerability builds intimacy. It is the same in our relationship with God.

How liberating it is to realize that you do not have to pretend you are perfect! Jesus came so that you can know and experience Him living in you through grace. He loves you where you are, but He doesn’t leave you there. Because of that relationship of grace, you don’t have to be a slave to your own desires anymore. You can be free. And when you blow it? He just wants you to be honest with Him. 

So, what do you need to confess? Is there a place in your life where you need to agree with God? Stop making excuses for it. Come clean with Him and confess your sin. It’s the way to stay on the path of following Jesus! 

Father, thank You so much for Your grace that loves me as I am. Even though this is difficult for me, today I confess _______________. I realize these are things that were never a secret to You and ask You to forgive me. Thank You for the freedom that is mine in Christ to walk in the light and live a new life! In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

We hope you enjoyed today’s encouraging word. We welcome you to watch the full-length message from River Pointe Church: Click Here 

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[Follow] Agree With God

Being a Christian… what does that mean? Jesus did not come to establish a religion or an institution. He came to establish a relationship. In this first devotional from the Follow series, we will focus on the idea that J...


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