Pattern Yourself

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Even As Your Father Is Perfect. 

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Matthew‬ ‭5:48‬ ‭KJV‬‬

In Matthew 5:48 when Christ declares, “Be Ye Perfect”, Christ is not referring to being “perfect” in your own strength or in a vain sense. Christ is referring to submitting to God and letting Him lead and shape your heart. Let God mature you. Through your submission to Christ, let His Word rule and shape your heart and character. Choose to make the daily decision to follow Christ and submit to His Word in every area of your life.

Matthew‬ ‭5:48‬ ‭AMPC‬‬ expands upon this powerful principle and declares, “You, therefore, must be perfect [growing into complete maturity of godliness in mind and character, having reached the proper height of virtue and integrity], as your heavenly Father is perfect.” When you submit to God’s Word and His Way of doing things, your life, character, and integrity will change and transform. When you submit to God’s Way of doing things, He will order your steps and cultivate the ground of your heart. 

Your spiritual maturity and development is connected to your submission and obedience. When you choose to submit to Christ, He will lead and direct your path. When you submit to the things of the world, you’ll stunt your spiritual growth and development. Choose to submit to His Word. Surrender to Christ and let His Word light and guide your path. Let God order your steps and perfect your way.

Let God mature you. Submit your heart to God and He will develop and strengthen every area of your heart. You cannot be perfect in your own strength. It is only through Christ, that you can do all things. Pride is deceitful. Selfish ambition is destructive. Pride will pervert your view of perfection. Pride will tell you that being “perfect” means not to make mistakes. Pride is destructive and will lead you into condemnation. Pride is enmity against God. Pride gives a false sense of perfection. Pride and self-righteousness will cloak you in a false facade. God’s Word is Truth. Surrender to His Word. Surrender to Christ.

When you are in Christ you are a new creature and the old immature ways are passed away behold all things have become new. Let Christ mature you. Let Christ lead you. Crucify your flesh and surrender to Christ. Let Christ mature your heart.