A Sustainable Life

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Digging Deep

Wells in the ancient Near East were serious business. Access to fresh drinking water was what determined whether a community experienced success and longevity, or decline and decay.

It is the same with our spiritual lives.

Growing in our love and devotion to Jesus can be thought of as digging spiritual wells in our hearts. Wells that mean we can dig deep into the life-giving and soul-sustaining water of the Holy Spirit.

Over the next five days, I want us to meditate on four spiritual wells that we need to build into our devotional lives.

Today, let's first consider why a "well" is a good way of thinking about all this. There are three reasons:

1. Wells need to be built, maintained and used: It takes time and effort to dig a decent well and once built it needs ongoing care, attention, and most importantly, consistent use otherwise the water becomes stagnant and stale.

2. Wells need to be defended: Wells were central to a community's survival and so great measures were taken to safeguard them.

3. Wells are both personal and communal: Wells provided sustenance for the individual but also, more importantly, they are vital for the life and health of the community.

As God's people, we have a responsibility to build deep spiritual wells in our devotional lives that are regularly accessed, consciously cared for and defended. Let's dig deeper.


What are the spiritual parallels we can draw from the 3 principles listed above?