Unwavering Trust In God - 10-Day Devotional


The Search Begins

I sensed something was different about this particular morning. Little did I realize that this day would open a whole new avenue of truth that would help shape my future in a way that very few other things had ever done. 

I was soon so busy getting breakfast for my husband, Jack, and our two children that I scarcely noticed the thought that floated quietly through my mind the first time — “those who trust the Lord will not be disappointed.”  

After everyone had gone out the door, the thought came through a little stronger — “Those who trust the Lord will not be disappointed!” All day long I found myself almost subconsciously quoting that phrase over and over — “Those who trust the Lord will not be disappointed.” By the afternoon it was no longer subconscious. I realized something very unusual was happening. I recognized God was giving me something important that He wanted me to hear!

I began to search through my Bible until I found the passage from 1 Peter 2:6 NASB. At that point I was completely hooked, and I soon found myself in the middle of a full-fledged Bible search. The KJV said, “he that believeth on him shall not be confounded,” but when I looked up that verse, I found the word translated confounded also meant ashamed or disappointed. The Lord was obviously dealing with me in the area of disappointment. 

I would not have considered myself a person prone to disappointment. However, over the next few days the Lord began to show me that most Christians never go on to get the total victory in any area because at some point, they get disappointed. Even though they may never consciously realize it, deep down most disappointments are disappointments in God, subconsciously thinking God didn’t come through for them. Or that He let them down in some area. 

Any time disappointment is allowed in we get offended with someone or some thing and we begin to stumble. It is choosing not to be disappointed that keeps us anchored in trust, and trust is the state of being that keeps us from stumbling. 

Pray Out Loud: 

Lord, keep me from stumbling in disappointment. I choose to put my trust in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.