Loving Your Wife Well By Matt Jacobson

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Day Two

No Doubt in Her Mind

Scripture: Luke 6:45

Every honest husband knows that without his wife, he wouldn’t be the man he is. But does your wife know this is how you feel? Sometimes we treat our wives like they are mind readers, but your wife can’t read your mind and she can’t know what’s in your heart unless you communicate these things to her. 

Not long into my marriage, I discovered that just because I was satisfied and happy didn’t mean Lisa was. I needed to learn and understand what every smart husband knows: continually filling your wife’s reservoir is an ongoing endeavor, but doing so pays amazing dividends. 

Every wife has a deep desire to be cherished—to be of supreme importance and value to her husband. If your wife’s friends were asked the question about you—Does he cherish his wife?—how would they respond? Is the answer obvious to them? What would your wife say? Does she feel cherished? To truly value her is to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind, especially hers. Remind yourself often that you’ve been entrusted with something beautiful, something sacred. Then communicate to her that you know it and that it matters to you. 

One way to do this is to ask her questions. Express interest in who she is. Initiating a conversation that has your woman as its focus tells her heart that she matters to you, that you see her as an important person with her own ideas and dreams. In this way, she’s no different from you. You want to be affirmed by being sought out as a person. So does she. 

In Luke 6, Jesus reminds us that good words come from the overflow of our hearts. So tell your wife what is in your heart. Let her know the powerful and pivotal role she plays in the man you’ve become and the man you desire to be because of her. 

How do you express to your wife how much you cherish her?