Creating Spiritual Community At Work

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Be Excellent

You've probably heard the phrase "you need to walk the talk". This simply means if you profess to know Jesus, you need to live like you know Jesus.  What if before we ever talked about Jesus, we first lived like we knew Jesus?  What if we walked at work with such excellence that people not only noticed, but they wondered what motivated us to work with such diligence? 

A great first step to creating a spiritual community is to be excellent.  Now, excellence is not perfection.  Excellence is defined as high quality or outstanding.  Simply put, if you reach for excellence at work, it will be noticed.  But understand, this is not to be motivated by performance or promotion. Instead, the motivation is to build trust by honoring others.

Bringing excellence to your work includes being a team, collaborating, and listening to the ideas of others.  Valuing the time of others is a great way to bring excellence. Getting to the meeting a bit early to greet everyone, turning on the lights, or turning on the monitor. Delivering projects on time or asking for an extension well in advance is bringing excellence to the workplace. 

Our workplaces are filled with men and women who are frazzled. They are either trying to get ahead or trying to survive the next round layoffs.  And it is highly likely that home is presenting its own set of challenges, as well. Today, when your coworkers swipe their badges and walk to their desks, bring excellence to them.


Heavenly Father, help me bring excellence to my work. Help me respond gently, listen intently, and do what I can to make the work of my coworkers more enjoyable and easier to accomplish so that they go home with a sense of wonder. Let them wonder what makes my life and my work different.  May my everyday work bring you glory. In Jesus' name, Amen.