Epic (Part 3): The Storyline Of The Bible

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After David establishes his capitol in Jerusalem, he wants to move the Ark of God, the symbol of God’s presence, to Jerusalem. That way the city would be the center of Israel both politically and in the worship of God. Unfortunately, he fails to follow the law in how he moves the Ark. According to Numbers 4:15, the objects of Israel’s worship were supposed to be carried by the priests and never touched. We also see conflict growing between David and his first wife.

Our relationship with God isn’t just about having our hearts in the right place. David was noble in his intent to honor God, but he didn’t do it God’s way. Our motives should be pure, but our actions need to be as well. When I was working at a grocery store years ago, a woman stole some butter so she could make things for the church bake sale. That’s not God’s plan!