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Real Talk Sample

Real Talk

DAY 2 OF 3


Have you ever made an assumption about someone that ended up not being true? We all do this. We don’t even think about it, it just happens. 

It’s not wrong to make assumptions of others, but we have to check our assumptions with the other person to see if they’re true or not. You’re not a mind reader. It’s quite possible that the conclusion you’re jumping to is wrong.  

You might assume your friend didn’t respond to your text right away because they were mad at you, when in reality they just forgot to hit send.  

You might get upset at your friend for being late and assume that their lateness says something about your relationship when, in reality, it was an honest mistake and they put the time in their calendar wrong.  

We make these assumptions all the time!

You’ve probably heard the commandment about not testifying falsely against your neighbor and assumed it meant don’t in a court of law. However, when we make assumptions about others, and allow ourselves to believe those assumptions without checking them out to see if they’re true or not, we run the risk of testifying falsely against our neighbor. We are telling ourselves a lie about them. 

If we allow ourselves to believe a false assumption, we might get upset and angry over something that turns out to be nothing.  

What are some false assumptions you’ve made about others in the past? What assumptions are you are currently making about someone that you need to check with them? Who do you need to go and apologize to for making wrong assumptions about them? 

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