Jesus prayed regularly, because it was central to His relationship to God. 

Jesus prayed before any big decisions were made, after performing miracles, in the morning before His day got started, during meals, and the list goes on. It didn’t matter what was happening, Jesus made time to talk to God.  

He didn’t allow the busyness of life or all of the distractions to keep Him from talking to God.  After all, these are some of the top reasons people say they don’t pray that much, isn’t it? “I’m just too busy”, “I don’t really think about it”, “I’ve got a lot going on. I forget to”.  

Let’s just call those things out for what they are - excuses. 

The truth is, if you truly desired to be with God, you would prioritize that time and make it happen. You’ll make time for what matters to you. 

I think your prayer life (or lack of one) actually says a lot about what you believe about God. 

Do you believe that God is actually close? Do you believe He cares about you? Do you believe that God's way of doing life is best or are you still clinging to your own life? Do you believe God listens to your prayers and responds to them? They they can actually change things? Do you treat God like a cosmic genie, expecting him to grant your every wish? 

What does the way you treat prayer say about what you believe about God? Are you okay with that? What do you wish your prayer life looked like? What do you need to do to get there? 

Take some time right now to talk to God. Tell him whatever’s on your mind, but don’t stop here. Keep the conversation going throughout the day.