Pray While You’re Prey Devotions For Singles, 2

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Free From Concern

As Paul put it, the best perk of singleness is freedom from concern. Sure, my ice cream habit stems from a certain freedom from concern about someone judging me for how I choose to consume my food. However, there is a deeper freedom from concern that singleness offers. Married couples, I know because I once was part of one, have to be concerned about each other’s pleasure. In fact, I would offer that most marriages break up because of a lack of concern for pleasing one’s mate. Think about it. Infidelity, financial problems, and “growing apart” all stem from a certain level of selfishness that really should not be present in a marriage, especially a marriage between two saved, sanctified, Spirit-filled people.

Singleness offers the opportunity not necessarily for selfishness, but for a single-minded focus on living a life that is pleasing to God without concern for what another person might think or say, or, how another person might react. Neither married people nor single people are excluded from keeping focus on God. Nevertheless, Paul recognizes that married couples have to split their focus. Single Christians can be interested in God’s voice alone. The only One you have to discuss a major life decision with is God. The only One who you have to listen to is God. The only One you have to honor is God. Your total devotion and attention can be dedicated to God without any concern for a family. Of course, I know that this does not apply to every single person because some people have children. Single parents also have split focus, but I truly cannot speak to that issue as the only thing I have been charged with raising is a very precocious cat.

In any case, every Christian’s first focus should be on God. As a single Christian, that focus on God can be our only focus. We can be free from concern, free to move, free to do, free to dream as God pleases.

Thank You, Lord for the blessings of singleness.
Please forgive me for complaining about my singleness
when it is an opportunity to grow closer to You.
Lord, please lead me and guide me on a path that pleases You.
In Jesus’ Name,